Dr. Leanna has helped me so much, especially with my hip!! I had hip pain that came out of nowhere and she helped me figure out why. I was sitting at work all day at a computer…she was able to find areas that needed adjusted and teach me stretches to to help prevent the pain from coming back! I am so glad I started seeing her, and would recommend her to anyone!

Tracy L.

Dr. Leanna is awesome! She is different than any other chiropractor I have ever seen. She not only adjusted my back and spine, but also helped me by working on my muscles using ART. My neck and shoulders are filled with tension often and I used to play tennis a lot, so she works on my traps, elbow and knee too! I feel so much better when I get regular adjustments and I’m happy to drive a longer distance just to see her!

Eara W.
My first time visit with Dr. Leanna LeMaster was very informative and helpful. I left the office feeling much better and walking more easily and upright. I would highly recommend Dr. Leanna LeMaster for any chiropractic service you may require. She’s great!
Scott R.



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